Ownership and Accountability

Ownership and accountability—it’s what hospital executives want from their Emergency Department group. Sadly, too few are getting it. Particularly now as hospitals are filling up with more COVID cases, ED boarding is at an all-time high, and ED patients—and revenue—are walking out your door.

Now is the not the time to put up with a mediocre ED group. You need a partner who takes full ownership of and accountability for the performance of your ED. As a management company, not a staffing company, American Physician Partners has proven to be the emergency department partner hospitals are looking for. APP has become the nation’s fastest growing ED group because of our track record for seamless transitions, reduction or elimination of subsidies, and our proactive management approach that ensures metric improvement for every single hospital we partner with.

Within as little as 120 days, you can maintain the existing provider team your medical staff has come to know while adding the proactive leadership and support to truly achieve your clinical, operational, and financial goals. Your patients deserve it.

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