Maintaining Your Culture during Tremendous Growth

At American Physician Partners (APP) we have been blessed with tremendous growth since the company was founded in May 2015. At first, we had 16 contracts; by the end of 2016 APP had 33 contracts, over 100% growth; and by the end of 2017 APP will have 62 contracts—achieving almost 100% growth one again. And we fully expect this growth to continue in 2018.

So how are we accomplishing this tremendous growth and, and more importantly, what makes us different from our competitors? I believe we are building a different kind of Emergency Department management company. Exceeding the expectations of our patients, providers and hospital partners is our mission and something we work very hard to achieve on a daily basis.

Let me share the secrets to our success:

  • Outstanding leadership in the field
    Our directors in the field are our most precious asset. We are only as good as our directors and the teams they build.
  • Levering the Dyad Model
    Each region’s contracts (10 to 15) are run by a Vice President of Operations and a Regional Clinician. This is markedly different from our competitors, it’s an investment that is paying significant dividends.
  • A robust recruiting and credentialing department
    This is the heart and soul of our company. We understand that building a local team is what every hospital is looking for, and using as few locums as possible is the key.
  • Effective communication
    We are built and designed to communicate with our team and our hospital partners deploying several layers of management in addition to a monthly management meeting.
  • Measuring everything to ensure quality.
    This includes ED operational metrics, patient satisfaction statistics, quality metrics, and regular evaluation of providers.

We understand that, if you build a company based on quality, the growth and numbers will follow. We are building a team with like-minded values and people who will always do the right thing and represent our company well.

As we continue our national expansion, we want to grow from within and create opportunities for our employees and partners. We are proud of what we