Business Solutions Developer

Information Technology

Position Summary

The Business Solutions Developer – Mid/Sr will support loading data from multiple data sources into the data warehouse. They will also utilize the data from the data warehouse to create executive business reports in several formats utilizing custom solutions or standard reporting tools such as Tableau and SSRS. They will utilize advanced SQL statements to generate data marts and csv extracts to meet the business needs.

They will support the API’s for communication and data extraction from online applications to load into the data warehouse or to support data sharing across applications. They will create and maintain the automated scripts for data extraction, report generation and data maintenance.

They will create and maintain reports in Tableau and SSRS based on the requirements identified. They will design and build data marts to support efficient reporting solutions. The reports will be designed for automation and scalability to be generated on a regular schedule. They will assist with the automated process of publishing the selected reports for corporate distribution.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Utilize multiple tools to create custom applications to meet data
    processing or business needs.
  • Python and other tools to extract and manipulate data from
    multiple data sources.
  • This position will assist with the process to load data from
    multiple data sources into a data warehouse
  • Work with SQL for ELT purposes
  • Utilized advanced SQL in automated solutions to generate
    reports in various formats including excel, pdf and CSV
  • Develop reporting solutions to meet business needs utilizing
    custom solutions or other reporting tools such as SSRS and
  • Assist with the data extraction process via API into several
    online apps such as, but not limited to, Tangier, QGenda,
    BullHorn, Paycom for data extraction or other business needs
  • Create auditing functionality utilizing SQL to compare and
    validate data

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Understanding of ERD and Data Design concepts
  • Thorough understanding of Primary and Foreign Key
    relationship and ability to identify and utilize in TSQL
  • Experience with developing in TSQL
  • Proficient in Temp Tables, CTE, table functions, sub queries and
    multi table joins
  • Experience in identifying indexing needs a plus but not required
  • Experience with SSRS and / or Tableau
  • Ability to work independently and task oriented
  • Healthcare experience a plus but not a requirement

Physical Demands (optional)

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Note: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.