Josh Jeanblanc of American Physician Partners Discusses Emergency Medicine Recruiting

American Physician Partners’ Recruitment AVP, Josh Jeanblanc, was featured recently in an article published at on the state of emergency medicine recruiting. The piece focuses on the impact COVID-19 has had on healthcare staffing in general and how the industry is moving forward to ensure that both employers and employees form long-lasting alliances. The conversation also examines how decreasing ER volumes created a shift in coverage models throughout the industry along with a surge in telemedicine.

An excerpt of this article is below:

“During the pandemic’s peak in March, emergency room (ER) volume decreased, Jeanblanc says. “People were afraid hospitals were a place you would go and get sick—and so many people weren’t leaving their houses. At the same time, many hospitals and healthcare facilities created alternate pathways to go get tested, such as drive-through testing, an alternate plan to avoid the hospital. This all created a ‘weird’ situation in the ER.”

As he surveys the recruiting lay-of-the-land now, Jeanblanc says EM volume is down compared to where it would have been historically at this time.

“It has come back and it’s closer to being totally back but still isn’t there,” he says. “One of the things that’s very interesting about this is that we don’t really know what it means for the future.”

He, like many others, also acknowledges the “huge surge” in telemedicine, to which many people were introduced for the first time. As to its staying power, and whether it will impact volumes overall, “only time will tell about that.”

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