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Partnering with EMS to Enhance Sepsis Care

American Physician Partners’ Sepsis Initiative

The statistics are alarming. According to the Sepsis Alliance, more than 1.6 million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with sepsis annually, and 258,000 will die as a result. As the #1 cost of hospitalization and the #1 cause for readmissions, the toll on hospitals is enormous. But evidence indicates that outcomes can be significantly improved through early identification and intervention.

As an organization that cares for approximately 2.4 million patients annually in its emergency medicine and hospital medicine programs, American Physician Partners (APP) has the opportunity to dramatically impact sepsis outcomes. Two years ago, we launched our multi-pronged Champions for Sepsis initiative in collaboration with our hospital partners.

 “Results from APP’s first year in our Champions for Sepsis initiative were impressive, earning the company national recognition from E-QUAL Sepsis for its performance. More important, however, are the lives that have been saved because of this activity.”

Dr. Tony Briningstool, APP Chief Medical Officer

Success by Partnering with Local EMS

In an effort to dramatically impact the early identification and intervention of sepsis, APP established a collaborative alliance with Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) and Putnam County EMS. The team launched an initiative called “Code Sepsis,” a protocol whereby the EMS providers take additional steps in the collection of blood cultures and administration of antibiotics to the patient before ever reaching the hospital.

“Blood cultures allow us to check the patient’s blood for infection. Since it takes time to allow these tests to develop, having them drawn by EMS—and antibiotics given immediately in the field—can have a significant impact on survival.”

Angela Craig, CRMC Sepsis Team Chair

Successful Outcomes

Within the first 3 months of the new treatment protocol, 19 people have been treated as Code Sepsis patients, with 3 of them meeting the criteria to have antibiotics started before ever arriving at the hospital.

“These are impressive results, reinforcing the fact that outcomes can be significantly improved through early detection and intervention.”

Dr. Sullivan Smith, APP Chairman Emeritus CRMC ED & Medical Director, Putnam County EMS

Exceeding expectations of our patients, providers and hospital partners.SM

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Hear what our hospital partners have to say.

“This program is an excellent example of how multiple players can come together to enhance both patient experience and outcomes. As a partner to hospitals, APP is continually looking for ways to help support the initiatives developed at the local level to enhance community health.”

Dr. Ken Colaric APP ED Medical Director at CRMC