Achieving Stellar ED Results Through Alignment

NorthCrest Medical Center | Springfield, TN

Community wellness and patient experience is the highest priority for Randy Davis, president and CEO of NorthCrest Medical Center. However, high physician turnover and locum tenens rates in the Emergency Department (ED) made this challenging. The hospital experienced unnecessary patient transfers that reduced revenue potential. And because of the instability in the physician team, the implementation of quality programs suffered, as did patient satisfaction and the hospital’s reputation in the community. When the leadership team decided it was time for a new ED management partner, they chose American Physician Partners because of its validated expertise in providing exceptional ED management services.

The existing medical director was retained and was quickly supported by APP’s robust provider services department, helping to build out a full-time, core team of stellar physicians. Once this team was in place and aligned with the hospital’s values and goals, the group was able to focus on quality, efficiency and satisfaction initiatives. By collaborating with key stakeholders, attending medical staffing meetings, and reaching out to community providers, APP successfully made inroads into rebuilding the ED’s reputation throughout the hospital as well as the local community.

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“There is a maturity about the American Physician Partners approach. They have a quiet assertiveness but a listening ear. We’re here to be good partners and practice good medicine.”

Randy Davis
President & CEO