APP Adds the Management of 5 Hospital Emergency Departments in New Mexico

Company Has Doubled in Size Since Forming in May 2015

American Physician Partners (APP), a medical services organization providing a full range of management and staffing services for hospital emergency departments and hospitalist programs, today announced it will manage the emergency departments for five New Mexico hospitals.

Four of the hospitals are a part of Lovelace Health System, an affiliate of Nashville-based Ardent Health Services. The fifth hospital, Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services, is located in Gallup, New Mexico.

Lovelace Womens

With the expansion, American Physician Partners is now serving 27 hospitals in six states, providing clinical staffing, administrative services and operational tools as well as ongoing training and leadership development—all designed to transform the patient-care experience and foster a culture of excellence. APP was formed through the acquisition of two highly successful Tennessee-based healthcare companies, Align MD and Elite Emergency Services, in May 2015. Since that time, the company has almost doubled in size.

“Our growth has been almost entirely the result of our current clients recommending our services to other hospitals,” said John Rutledge, founder and CEO of American Physician Partners. “Our commitment to quality and helping ERs deliver the highest standard of care is the key reason hospitals are interested in our services.”

“We’re all about making data-driven changes that enhance performance,” said Dr. Mark Green, president of Align MD, the subsidiary of APP managing the emergency department. “For example, every ER and every physician working in the ER has a Scorecard that we review to spot trends and see where improvement can be made.”

That emphasis on quality is working. Thanks to a collaborative effort between APP and the medical staff at one hospital, the number of patients who Left Without Treatment (LWOT) in the ER dropped from almost seven percent to less than one percent. The national average for LWOT is 4.1 percent. Patients are also being seen more quickly, with the average time from arrival at the ER to being seen by a physician less than 25 minutes. And patient satisfaction scores in ERs managed by APP improved across all facilities.

APP is not only helping ERs become more efficient. The company is also helping the medical team save lives. In one hospital, APP and the medical staff worked together to decrease the mortality rate for patients with sepsis, a potentially life-threatening complication from an infection, from 40 percent to 12 percent. Heart attack and stroke victims are being seen and treated more quickly to improve their neurological outcomes.

Hospitals are benefitting too. “The ER is the front door of any hospital,” said Dr. Sam Clemmons, senior vice president of AlignMD. “When you have an ER that is providing quality care, it can only improve the reputation of the hospital and attract more patients. As a result, some of the hospitals we work with have seen ER visits increase by seven percent.”

“APP brings a truly unique perspective to this sector of the healthcare industry,” said Tony Briningstool, M.D., chief medical officer for AlignMD. “Our leadership team includes both physicians with in-depth clinical expertise and healthcare executives with years of operational experience. We understand that ER physicians want to be part of a great team and a positive culture that helps them practice medicine at the highest level. That’s what we work to deliver every day.”

“Even as we continue to grow, our focus will remain on delivering quality care,” said Rutledge. “That’s our challenge, and our promise.”